miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Underground Germany!

Three days ago I talked about Variable's videos and how amazing are their work. So, today I was reading in Ganchitos&Pepsi Boom that last year in Germany it was celebrated an imitation of the Indian Holi festival.

 Guess what! The promotional video was:

Yes! I went crazy when I saw the new and the video, the festival was the raison d'être of the video, smashing. I had no idea of this spectacular event on Europe. Please, look at the videos and imagine yourself being crazy and having that epic moments, it is worth the economic effort, isn't it?. 
I don't know how these creatives think to conceive festivals' ideas like Tomorrowland or this Holi festival, but I adore them :D. 
At the beggining of Spring, on may 11 of 2013, the Holi festival comes again in a three times larger olimpic stadium than 2012, I'm going to start save money for that experience, don't you?. 

Peace and love!

PS: Please! Correct my grammatical or any error, I want to improve my english!! Thanks!!

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