domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

8 hours in Brooklyn

Today: sound & sight

This video it's a creation of Variable, a creative company from New York that works in the production field. Their projects are a bit different, they stand out from the rest by their thorough campaigns; it is obvious just seeing "8 hours in Brooklyn" or "holi" here:

Holi from Variable on Vimeo.

These guys are amazing, they look after for the best quality of images, in this video they show the cleanest images of a dusty celebration such as the Holi festival in India, due to the use of scented powders by a technique which they explain in his vimeo's page: "We created a custom glass lens filter which we were able to quickly swap out if needed. We also used a dust cover and lots of garbage bags to protect the camera. Let's just say there were a few close calls... Gotta take risks to create something unique!"

I've seen the video and inmediately I have realized that I have to share it!! so, here it is, enjoy!

The music of "8 hours in Brooklyn" by Skream: 

Peace and Love! 

PS: I want to improve my english, so please! Correct my grammatical errors, vocabulary etc, will be welcomed :D 
Visto en Variable y vimeo

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